Who Is Peter Pansy?


JockeyThe Victims

When Eleanor Ashton Porter of Paducah, Kentucky married Philip Cameron Franklin of Louisville, they created by virtue of their respective birthrights the largest thoroughbred stable in the world:  Porter-Franklin Acres, whose emerald green and purple racing silks are as recognizable to horse fanciers as the Mona Lisa is to art lovers.  The Acres is the citadel to which mere mortal horse folks aspire.

Philip Cameron Franklin loved his horses, his racing cars, his boats, and women.  Eleanor Porter-Franklin loved her husband and chose to overlook his blatant philandering with a stiff upper-crust lip.  Their racing dynasty was born the same year as their son, Peter Porter Franklin.  They both doted on Peter, the heir apparent to the throne.

The Star Of The Show

As a child Peter lacked for nothing; he had all the material possessions one could possibly fit into a 52-room mansion.  He also had the warmth, affection, and attention of both his adoring parents.  Peter was given an education that matched and challenged his superior intellectual capabilities (Yale, summa cum laude).  Philip Franklin was disappointed when Pete joined the Army.  After Pete's honorable discharge, Philip was crushed when his son announced that he was gay.  His mother was devastated.  “You’re a Porter-Franklin,” she said.  “Don’t do this to us.”  During the months of ensuing bitterness the diatribe became worse and more frequent.  At the last of the supposed conciliatory family meetings Philip blurted out, “Peter, If you continue with your madness openly, as you say you will, the whole world will know you’re a pansy.”  A smile crossed Peter’s face and the final word he spoke to his parents as he left the room, and their lives, was, “Exactly!”  Peter changed his name legally and relocated to L.A. His experience in Army Intelligence led him to join the LAPD where he spent 14 years as a homicide investigator. Leaving the Department, he hung out his shingle at Numero Uno Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. It reads: “Peter Pansy – Private Eye.”

The Plot Thickens

Now, what seems like a lifetime later, Porter-Franklin Acres is in need of Pete’s professional services.  The request came through Angelica Porter-Franklin Correli, Pete’s oft-married sister.  Red, the trainer who had been with the Farms since its inception, is missing.  So is a great deal of money, but that’s not the major concern. A blackmail threat about race fixing that has gone on under the unwatchful eyes of Philip and Eleanor has been received.  The Porter-Franklin good name was is in jeopardy.  It’s Derby time. What to do?  Send a white horse for:  Peter Pansy - Private Eye.

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