The Ape That Got Away

The GorillaThe Dark Continent

The world is a swiftly changing place, and no place more so than Africa.  However, there are still deep dark mysteries.  Vast, almost impenetrable areas of jungle and wilderness that hold secrets and riches some men were killing for.

Some Characters

Wendell Atchison II was among the last of the Hollywood-inspired, type-cast, grizzled, old-school, safari leaders.  Wendell spent every waking hour walking around pissed off.  About what?  Everything.  But most especially about all the little old ladies from Tulsa, Toronto, and Tokyo, armed with cameras, whom he had to escort around the jungleside.  He longed instead for the sweaty, macho, rifle-toting, cigar-smoking, would-be Hemingways whom he had taken crashing through the underbrush, and whom, during the happy years, had been his main patronage.

Rokko was one of the educated apes you saw on the Learning Channel.  He had been taught to sign and communicate, and with it he demonstrated love, intelligence, and the ability to reason.  Now, due to lack of funding, he has been caged up and shipped back to Africa to be ignored.  Rokko’s trainer is Alicia Madrigal DeCordoba, a research animal psychologist from Alhambra, Spain, and she set her beloved ape free.

The Star Of The Show

Peter Pansy’s penchant for playing polo has brought him to Africa to compete for Team Beverly Hills at the World’s Polo Congress.  Peter, Alicia, Wendell, and Rokko’s paths cross; no, more like collide.  The ensuing adventure takes them across the dark continent, placing them in harm’s way.  The bad-guys will stop at nothing to ensure the success of their evil endeavors.  Peter gets more than he bargained for on several fronts, as he teams up with Rokko the Wonder Ape and Wendell Parkinson II to effect the rescue of the alluring Alicia and stop once and for all the dastardly deeds being committed by the Bush Mafia.

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