Square Ring

The Ring



Inside The Arena


The sounds coming from the ring are right out of a comic book.  So too are the gigantic humans making these sounds while dressed in their comic book get-ups.  The Wide World Pro-Wrestling Group, better known as the WWP-WG, affords overgrown men the opportunity of making millions of dollars for acting like spoiled, unruly, undisciplined children.  One of them however, is in trouble … and it isn’t in the ring.

The Good Guys

Peter was at the coliseum watching this orchestrated madness at the behest of his former partner from LAPD Homicide, Detective Emmanuel “Manny” Cohen.  Manny’s nephew, Alvin, is one of those massive men, and he has some problems that are bigger than he is.

The Problem

Three separate hate groups threaten Alvin and his Adorabelles with death.  At first Manny believes it’s a publicity hoax, but then…

The Cast

Alvin Cohen, a/k/a “ALVIN THE ADORABLE,” is adored by millions of fans, most of whom are women.  To fully understand the implications of his troubles you have to know something of Alvin The Adorable’s ring shtick.

The crowd starts screaming, “ALVIN-ALVIN-ALVINas four of the most beautiful women in the world, Alvin’s Adorabelles, appear at the exit from the dressing rooms. They begin dropping white and yellow rose petals at the feet of Alvin Cohen as he makes his way to the square ring.  Individually, the Adorabelles are stunning.  Collectively, their beauty and physicality are overwhelming. 

NIKKA, “The Queen of the Nile”:   A Muslim from Cairo.
RACHEL, “The Israeli Princess”:   A Jewess from Tel Aviv.
DAGMAR, “The Nordic Angel”:  A Catholic from Berlin.
ALIYA, “The Jewel of Jerusalem”:  A Palestinian Christian.

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