The No Jive Dive

Scuba Divers


No Way, Jose!

The L.A. newspaper’s banner headline and story read:  “DETECTIVE WASHED OUT TO SEA” - Detective Lt. Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Cohen was taken out to sea by a severe undertow while diving the Farralons yesterday and is presumed dead.  The diving party consisted of ….”

Pete thought, No way Jose!  Manny was more at home under water than a great white.  He taught Jonah how to survive in the whale.  He taught Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket underwater survival tactics.  Peter Pansy refuses to accept that Manny is dead, at least not by accident underwater.

Strange Find

After three days of intensive day and night dives at and around the site of Manny’s disappearance, Peter, and his friend Kamal Masik, a former Navy Seal, find Manny’s dive belt.  Intact.  They know Manny wouldn’t just lose his weight belt.  What the hell’s going on?, they wonder.  There were three other police officers on that dive; something doesn’t jive.

Pete tells Kamil he’s “going to shake the butches” and confront the three officers after the memorial ceremony being held at L.A. City Hall.  The service is emotional.  Ruth Cohen and her kids are handling it okay, as Manny would have wanted them to, but Peter is having a hard time of it because of the belt he had found.

Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Afterward, he pulls the three officers aside and tells them, “If you assholes think I’m buying your bullshit story forget it.  I found Manny’s weight belt at the site.”  That should stir something up, he figures, and he turns around and walks off.  It does.

Tale Of The Tail

Kamal and a couple of other former federal experts are set to tail the three.  “Forever, if need be,” Peter says.  “I’m buying the time.”

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