Muscle Up



Road To Morocco

Daniel Cottrell was 6 foot 3, he weighed 272 pounds, bench pressed 680 raw, and could squat with a horse on his back. Strongmen differ slightly from bodybuilders in that they aren't so concerned with their body's appearance as they are with its ability to perform improbable feats of strength. Not so Danny; he had both, was movie star handsome, and his brain was as big as his brawn. The ancient Greeks would surely have made him a god; however, Danny was more recently known as the Queen of Muscle Beach, not California’s, but Morocco’s. 

MuscleWith A What?

I'm Peter Pansy, Private Eye, and big Dan Cottrell had been my investment banker and good friend. The last time he was seen alive was at the Beach of Tangier, and as he was prone to do, he was thoroughly pissing off the locals. Now Danny is dead, murdered, and it happened during the lead up to the Strongest Dude On Earth Contest, under the strangest of circumstances … he was strangled with an iron bar.

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