It Takes Two, To . . .

Dance Couple

Shall We Dance?

Due to the political maneuvering of the various world-wide dance factions, the twenty-first century will probably bring us the first glimpses of the glamorous world of ballroom dancing within the Olympic venue.  Undulating, gyrating torsos, flashing arms and smiles, and colorful costumes denote the Latin Dance Categories, while the Smooth dances are marked by the men in their formal tails, the women in glittering, flowing, ball-gowns.  All of them poised, elegant, and aloof.  Male and female, athletic and beautiful.

The Mix

It is the final round of the American Dance Championships, and the competition for a berth on Team USA is fierce.  There are several bitter rivalries among the competitors that have been ongoing for years.  Former partners with new partners.  Former spouses with new spouses.  Former lovers with new lovers.  Mix and match, straight and gay, locked in a public embrace while dancing; however, in private its a different story.

Dance Mafia

Murder and intrigue takes Peter behind the scenes of the competition in
New York City’s Madison Square Garden, as well as East Side, West Side, and all around the town.  Three of Peter’s friends are suspect, and one of them may be guilty of choreographing a murder.  Shall we dance?

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