Indy + 10

Race Car Fire

Are You Kidding Me?

Let’s see: You have a couple of weeks left before the race, so you buy a car, hire a driver and a few mechanics, practice a little, then enter the Indy. And, if you win, you get girls, or boys, champagne, and, Oh Yeah! A check.

If you believe that, you also believe that Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland were able to put on a show in a donated barn, with 58 fully costumed dancers, plus the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and only $72 dollars in cash between them. Oh!, but those were 1948 dollars you say. Yeah, right!


What's Goin' On?Pete's Piano

Everybody knows what goes on at Indy, on the track, in the stands, and even behind some of the closed doors. They also know what it takes, and what the stakes are. However, what goes on in the ten-mile radius around the track, in the clubs, in the hotels, in the garages, in the alleys, in the woods, in and under the cars, that is the story of Indy+10.

The Uni-Sex Fashion Bomber

Kevin Kind, the ultra-ultra American fashion designer, the you-name-it-and-I-design-it designer, the self-titled Uni-Sex Fashion Bomber, puts forth the enormous expenditure necessary to mount a serious Indy title bid. He also personally painted the cars in what he told the press were “Non-traditional racing hues.” Kevin asks Pete if he would pretty please play the piano at the little party he was giving, for which he had acquired the Saks Fifth Avenue Parking Garage. Industrial espionage, attempted murder, sabotage, and high-dollar stakes make our Peter Pansy: The Raciest Private Eye in town.

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