Pete's OfficePeter Pansy ~ Private Eye made his print debut in Michael Connelly's Mystery  Writers of America anthology "Murder in Vegas," and he is Beverly Hills' answer to "Double-O-Seven."  Pete is a mainstream, hard-hitting, resourceful character, whose adventures take him, and his colorful cohorts, all across the globe.   He is openly gay, and his name ... well, keep reading.

Peter Porter Franklin was born into an old-line Kentucky horseracing dynasty.  He achieved summa cum laude from Yale, and, later, acclaim as an Army Intelligence Officer in covert and overt operations.   After Pete's discharge and announcement to his aristocratic parents that he was gay, his father blurted out, “If you continue with this madness the whole world will know you’re a pansy.”  A smile crossed Peter’s face, and the final word he spoke to his parents as he left the great-room and their lives was, “Exactly.”  He moved to LA and officially changed his name to Peter Pansy.

Pete was readily accepted by the LAPD, worked his way into Homicide, and spent fourteen years there before hanging his private-eye shingle at Numero Uno Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA.  This Double-O-Seven type character now dispatches his duties in a variety of exotic settings, with flair, confidence, and the assistance of colorful cohorts from all over the globe.

His shingle now reads:
Peter Pansy ~ Private Eye

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