A Clear Cut Case


Our Hero

Pete, who is going through some severe personal upheavals, decides to get away and get in shape at the same time.  He takes a job lumberjacking at a Washington State lumber company, whose practice it is to clear-cut.

The Client

This company, GreenGrowth, however, has a conscience, and plants five trees for every tree it fells.  The company spends millions developing hybrid fast-growing, disease-resistant new species, and GreenGrowth is getting good press, to the chagrin of some.  Those unhappy few see all business done in the out-of-doors, such as timber harvesting, mining, fishing, drilling, river-rafting, etc., as being contrary to nature.  It does not matter to them what care goes into the undertaking; they see these industries as an affront to God.

LumberjackThe Bad Guys

GreenGrowth has been infiltrated by an agent of a rogue, militant, on-the-fringe, environmental group named Swords of the Earth.  Their intent is to sabotage GreenGrowth’s good works and good name.  Their motive:  Fanaticism.  Their method:  Violence.

What's Goin' On?

Peter’s personal preferences are un-noted as he fits into this he-man environment, but not unnoticed.  His acceptance onto one of the elite crews, upon the recommendation of the unit manager, a friend of Pete’s from Yale, puts him as one of the targets of the saboteurs.  Before it’s all over, Pete is taken down from the tree-tops, down river, down a mine shaft, down below on a fishing vessel, down south on an off-shore drilling platform, and downtown under arrest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~