B/T + G = B B



The Pompous Egotistical Ass

“People want to believe and trust, that’s what makes it so easy.  When you put God into the equation they volunteer.”  Thus spoke Edmund Elgar, Evangelist Extraordinaire.  But only in private, and only to his inner circle.  Most men and women called to the cloth have a heartfelt desire to teach and do good works.  Some, like Edmund Elgar, look upon God as a growth industry.  “The equation B over T plus G equals BB,” said Edmund.  “Belief over Trust plus God equals Big Bucks.  “Say anything, and do anything; the more outlandish, the more money,” he added.  Something backfired.  Innocent people were disappearing after donating large sums to the eloquent Edmund Elgar.  “I’m being framed!” he protested loudly and to everybody.


Emerald Gate Givers

Harold and Carol Fichter, Peter’s landlords at Numero Uno Rodeo Drive, had just given $250,000 dollars to Edmund Elgar Ministries.  This donation placed them at the “Emerald Gate Level of Giving,” which, according to Reverend Elgar, most certainly assured them a place in line with the Saints.  The Fichters are concerned that all the missing persons were couples who had given a like amount, and go to Peter with their story.

The White Knight

Peter loves this older couple who have been like a mother and father to him during the years he has been their tenant.  Peter offers to set up security for them, but it is their wish that he get to the bottom of the disappearances.  They offer free rent.  Pete refuses, and makes them a counter-offer.  If he does as they wish, they will donate a like amount to the needy children of Los Angeles as they had given to Elgar Ministries.  Agreed.  They arrange for Peter and Edmund to meet at the Elgar Ministries Mansion in Palm Desert.  What a sleaze Edmund Elgar is, Peter thinks, and mentally adds another task to his undertaking:  Expose this pompous egotistical ass.

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